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Rachel Hockett

Writer, Editor, Theatre Artist

Driving in the Rain (2012)

Driving in the Rain was my first (and likely only) National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) novel. I wrote the first draft in thirty days in November 2009, then put it through two major revisions, before publishing it in 2012. I'm grateful for the discipline of NaNoWriMo, which made me do it. The prequel to Driving in the Rain is currently under construction.

Two lives, two coasts, two destinies: Widowed in her prime, with two young children, Lucy Marks considers herself immensely fortunate to find true love again, with dapper attorney Nick Norton. Across the country, Nathan Grunwald plies his trade as a CPA to the wealthy, and tries every way he can to provide a safety net for his stunning but volatile wife, Charlotte, and his darling daughter, Cassie.

Available in paperback and Kindle, on Amazon.

Murder, Near and Dear: A Sudsy Hunter Mystery (June 2015)

Sudsy and I go way back, to 1994, when I first thought to try my hand at writing a mystery. This novel is the result, twenty-plus years later. Though published after Driving in the Rain, this book was written first.

I hope you enjoy meeting Sudsy, and getting to know the cast of characters in her suddenly topsy-turvy world.

Murder, Near and Dear is the first in an imagined series of several stories, the next of which has yet to reveal itself, but stay tuned. Sudsy isn't getting any younger, and has things to do.

Meet Sudsy, unwitting amateur detective.

Overnight, Sarah (Sudsy) Hunter’s cozy world is hurled upside down.

When she gave up the stress and pressure of New York City for a more placid life in the picturesque college town of Riverbank, she looked forward to running her laundry-plus-pub business, and to spending more time with her family, and with Tramp, her trusty canine pal, by her side. And for many years, she did just that.

Suddenly Riverbank has become a maelstrom of murder and deception, and she finds herself in the dead center of the storm.

Now will Sudsy’s desperate scramble to find out who is poisoning her peaceful existence spin out of control before she is rinsed down the drain?

Available in paperback and Kindle, on Amazon.