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Rachel Hockett

Writer, Editor, Theatre Artist


Rachel Hockett's work as a copyeditor is far beyond expert technique. She applies intuition and insight, as well as exacting quality. She is a writer's dream, making the piece work, flow, and fulfill its promise, without ever detracting from the author's intent, soul or vision.

Rob Watson, Blogger Columnist, Huffington Post, LGBTQ Nation, and Gay Star News

Five books mean five copyeditors. Rachel is by far the best I've ever worked with. Her superb editing skills are obvious, but it's her determination to get it right that makes me grateful to have been teamed up with her.

Rob Jolles, President, Jolles Associates, Inc.; author of How to Change Minds.

I had worked with many editors and proofreaders before I had the joy of working with Rachel Hockett. Rachel is simply in a class of her own. The consummate professional, it's not just her thoroughness and impeccable attention to every sentence, word, comma, and space that make her special, but also her warm spirit and love of her work. As a writer I completely trusted that my book was in the best of hands when I worked with Rachel. I look forward to working with her on many more books as well as to sending other writers her way.

Gail Straub, Co-Founder, The Empowerment Institute. The Empowerment Institute

I have had the pleasure of working on many complex and substantial book projects with Rachel over several years. No one is happier than I that her services are again available. We were first paired to work together by a client we had in common, but it wasn?t long before I was recommending her to other clients. When Rachel is involved in a project, I rest easy. She is professional, highly skilled, sensitive, unflappable, reliable, and a most pleasant coworker.

Greta D. Sibley, book designer and compositor. [email protected]

I have known Rachel Hockett, both professionally and personally, for more than twenty years. Rachel is the consummate professional. Her work is precise, timely, on budget, and delivered with good cheer. Rachel worked as a freelance project manager for me when I was ESL managing editor at Macmillan. The projects were demanding by nature and often authored by people who posed unique challenges. Rachel consistently delivered what was required of her. I worked in a similar capacity for Rachel after I left Macmillan when she hired me to cover for her during an extended leave. Her projects were well-organized and clear to follow. The suppliers I worked with had only praise for Rachel. When I started my own project management company I used Rachel's as a model. She has always been generous with advice and encouragement. She is a wonderful mentor and has guided me successfully through some difficult projects. I would not hesitate to recommend Rachel highly for any position.

Jennifer Carey, Principal, J. Carey Publishing Service. [email protected]

When people are extraordinarily competent, I welcome the opportunity to share my enthusiasm with others! I have published twenty-two books. My textbooks, as well as my classroom teaching, have contributed to my winning five teaching awards, including the American Psychological Foundation?s Distinguished Teaching in Psychology Award in 1995. I worked with Rachel Hockett on the fifth edition of Psychology of Women . . . . She was exemplary in every component of the production process. . . . . The very first letter I received from Rachel managed to convey competency, clarity, and warmth, and these three attributes continued to characterize all of our subsequent interactions . . . . Throughout all of our subsequent interactions, Rachel responded immediately to all my questions. I never once needed to ask her for clarification of an ambiguity, and she always informed me if she planned to be away from the office even for a brief period. If I received an email from Rachel, I always knew that it would be informative and pleasant . . . . Rachel provided superb advice. . . . In fact, I can easily say that Rachel?s work was superior to my experience with the production of my twenty-one other books.

Dr. Margaret W. Matlin, Distinguished Teaching Professor of Psychology, SUNY Geneseo. [email protected]

Your edits are spectacular! In fact, I'll state that you are the best copyeditor that I've experienced in four textbooks, multiple editions. Fantastic job! Home run!

Richard West, Ph.D.; Professor and Chair, Department of Communications, Emerson College. Richard West

It has been my great pleasure to work with you. Thank you so much for all you brought to this book, with your excellent and impeccable work. You can be sure that I will keep you in mind as I go forward with other writing projects.

David Gershon, author, Social Change 2.0

Rachel worked with me on a proofread of a small book series, ensuring consistency across the series on a tight timeline. Working with her was fantastic not only because she?s fast and professional but most importantly, because she treated the book series with the utmost diligence and painstaking accuracy, producing flawless copy.

Bob Harlow, Bob Harlow Research and Consulting

I want to express my sincere testament and high recommendation of Rachel Hockett. Rachel and I have been affiliated through a virtual, business relationship of journalism and social media for several months, and I've been most impressed not only with her writing skills, but with her punctuality, tactfulness, organization, and, among other things, her professionalism in dealing with many different kinds of people. I do not hesitate for a moment to recommend Rachel.

Scott Hacker, Founder and Curator,